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At Samadhan we believe that training must have the right physical environment and participants should absorb the wonderful subject that mediation is in a relaxed manner. Therefore, all training workshops at Samadhan are usually residential workshops where the trainers and trainees come out of their daily professional environment and stay together for three days. This immediately creates a warm and informal environment needed for training. Participants are free from professional commitments, phone calls and court routine. They enjoy the group outing immensely. They love the formal programme because it is so interactive. The bonding between participants is evident when even after the formal programme is over every day they can be seen in deep discussion on the nuances of mediation after dinner and late into the night. At any given point of time, there are hundreds of lawyers of the Delhi High Court in the waiting list for training.

Role Plays form an integral and essential part of every training programme. They are also very popular with the participants who eagerly look forward to them. Here, participants simulate an actual mediation session through different dispute situations which they enact in a role play, thus learning the finer nuances of mediation techniques. They also learn how to overcome impasse and dead-lock situations through brainstorming exercises and other techniques.

The subjects that are taken up in training are: The Legislative History of Mediation in India; the Law on Mediation; Frequently Asked Questions on Mediation; the Importance of Training in Mediation; Understanding and Transforming Conflict; Comparative study of other modes of Dispute Resolution and Mediation; Negotiation and Bargaining; the Mediation Process and its Stages; the Role of the Mediator, the Role of Lawyers in Mediation; Communication Techniques; how to handle Impasse; Closing and Wrapping up the mediation sessions; Drafting the Settlement Agreement, Ethics and Confidentiality; Co-mediation; Special Features of different types of cases that come to mediation including family and matrimonial cases, industrial disputes, accident claims, money claims, commercial disputes and others.

All workshops are attended by senior and middle level advocates with over 10 years of experience at the Bar as well as young advocates with experience of over five years at the Bar.

Samadhan has a rigorous training schedule for its mediators.  The first stage is the basic mediation training. On completion of the first stage, mediators conduct mediations along with experienced mediators. The second stage is the advanced mediation training.  The third stage is the refresher programmes to upgrade mediators’ skills as part of their continuing education. It is only when mediators complete the advance mediation training that they are given mediations to handle independently.  Some mediators from Samadhan were received Special Training at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, Utah, USA as part of “The Global Mediation Project”, launched by the then Dean Hiram Chodosh.

Experts in the field of behavioural science and subjects specialists form a very important part of the resource faculty of training.  Samadhan has developed its own training manuals and awareness materials.

As Samadhan has grown it has developed amongst its mediators, trainers who have trained mediators in other high courts and district courts, held training workshops for chief executives, heads of administrative organisations and their law officers, conducted orientation courses for the members of the district judiciary in collaboration with Delhi Judicial Academy and held clinical workshops and credit courses on mediation for law students. 

Samadhan’s Trainers:

  • J.P. Sengh, Senior Advocate
  • Sudhanshu Batra, senior Advocate
  • Sadhana Ramachandran
  • Veena Ralli, Advocate

Trainers who helped Samadhan

  • Mr. Niranjan Bhatt, Lawyer and mediator from Gujarat
  • Mr. Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate and mediator from Chennai
  • Ms. Gita Ravindra, Lawyer and mediator trainer from Virginia, USA
  • Mr. Braja Behari, Coordinator of ISKON Resolve
  • Ms. Aparna Vasu, Advocate and mediator from Chennai
  • Mr. Firdaus Karachiwala, Advocate and mediator from Mumbai


  1. Film on Samadhan: An in-house film on Samadhan was produced by its own mediators.  This 30 minutes film captures the spirit of Samadhan, its positive environment, its daily schedule, its infrastructure and glimpses of actual mediations simulated by the talented acting by Samadhan mediators.  The film’s script, acting, music and voice over are all in-house.  The film has been highly appreciated in India and in the United States.


  1. Animation: Animation film on Samadhan produced and directed by Mr. Abhinandan Sekhri in close co-ordination with the team of Samadhan depicting the process and benefits of mediation, was released by the then Chief Justice, Hon’ble Ms. Justice G. Rohini. The said animation film is being displayed in the Mediation centre and in the lobby of the Delhi High Court during the working hours as awareness for the parties and lawyers.