List of Common Objections

1. Caveat Report is to be obtained or at the time of each subsequent filing. 
2. Notice of Motion with Proof of Service effected upon Respondent be filed.
3. Notice of Motion upon Counsel for concerned respondent be filed/ Proof of service be filed/ Service be effected through nominated counsel.
4. Petition/ appeal be stamped / signed by the Counsel.
5. Date of receipt of the notice be given in the grounds of petition/appeal.
6. Certified copies copy of impugned order be given.
7. Annexure be stamped @ 65 paisa per 360 words.
8. All papers be filed on foolscap papers/ on one side of the papers.
9. English Translation of Vernacular be filed/Page numbering be done properly.
10. Affidavit should be attested.
11. Correct and relevant provision of law be given.
12. Power of attorney be filed/ Welfare stamp of Rs. 10/- be affixed on Vakalatnama.
13. Fair typed copies of dim annexures be filed.
14. Margin of 4 cm. Be kept on the left side of the annexures.
15. Memo of parties be filed duly signed.
16. List of Dates and synopsis should be filed and which also consists of judgment relied upon by the petitioners
17. Listing proforma duly filled in should be filed/ both sets.

1. Caveat Report is to be obtaindor at the each subsequent filling. 
2. Fresh/ Notice of Motion upon Counsel for concerned respondent be filed/ Proof of service be filed/ Service be effected through nominated counsel.
3. It should be stated that against which Respondent the main relief is sought for.
4. Petition/application/ annexures/ order/power of attorney should be stamped/signed
properly/welfare stamp of Rs. 10/- be affixed on Power of attorney.
5. Service be made the counsel of caveator.
6. List of dates & synopsis should be filed.
7. Annexures should be made as true
copies/Annexures be filed on foolscap papers.
8. Memo of parties should be filed or duly signed by the counsel.
9. Affidavit should be properly attested/ age of deponent be given/ identification be signed properly / be filed in the language of the deponent.
10. Full heading with act should be given of the petition.
11. Fair typed copies of dim handwritten annexures should be filed.
12. Margin of 4 cm. be kept on the left hand side of annexures.
13. It should be stated as to how WP( C ) / WP ( CRL.) is maintainable.
14. Non-filing statement should be given in the petition.
15. Vernacular of translated annexures be filed/ translation of Hindi annexures be filed.
16. Page numbering be done properly/ one more set duly signed be filed.
17. Date of publication of award and steps taken thereafter be given in the list of dates.
18. Listing performa be filed in both sets duly filled in.
19. Petition be properly filed for scrutiny.
20. A certificate be given on a separate sheet duly signed by the Counsel to the effect that complete CAT record has been filed and no additional documents other than CAT record has been filed.
21. Please state in list of dates and events that whether this petition has been filed prior or after filing of contempt petition in the CAT.