The parties may individually or jointly approach the DHC Mediation Centre directly for settlement of the disputes in the following manner:

1. The applicant may directly or through counsel submit his/her application on a legal size paper addressed to the Organizing Secretary, Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre at the Reception Counter of the Centre along with the following documents:
                  A. one  passport size photograph  of the applicant
                  B. self attested copy of the ID proof
                  C. A stamp paper of Rs.100/-(Rupees One Hundred Only) for recording consent for       appointment of Conciliator.
2. The application should consist of the following:
                  A. Complete address of all the parties
                  B. e-mail address of all the parties
                   C. phone numbers of all the parties
3. a concise statement from the applicant(s) regarding the dispute and detailed particulars of all concerned parties
4. In case all the parties approach jointly, then each applicant’s passport size photo and self attested copy of the ID Proof shall be submitted along with the application.
5. Number of copies of the application equal to the number of parties be furnished for serving the non applicants.
6. The applicant shall deposit Rs.1,000/-(Rupees One Thousand Only) as administrative charges with the application.
7. The fee of the Conciliator is presently fixed at Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) payable by either party jointly or singly.  The same shall be deposited by the parties forthwith after they have consented to the appointment of Mediator / Conciliator. The said fees is to be deposited alongwith the application by way of a demand draft / bankers cheque in favour of the “Registrar General – Delhi High Court”.
8. Parties, together or singly, shall deposit Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) per sitting towards charges for the use of the Mediation Centre.
9. After the conciliated settlement, if any, is arrived at, then the parties shall furnish the following:
              A. A stamp paper of Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only) shall be submitted on the date fixed for recording the terms of a “Conciliated Settlement Agreement” if arrived at between the parties.
             B. Self attested passport size photographs of all the parties shall be affixed on the “Conciliated Settlement Agreement”, if any.
             C. Self attested ID proofs of all the parties shall also be attached to the “Conciliated Settlement Agreement”, if any.
10. In addition to the signatures, thumb impression of all the signatories to the “Conciliated Settlement Agreement” shall be obtained on the last page of the “Conciliated Settlement Agreement” and encircled with name/s of the person whose thumb impression is affixed, along with proper indication of the Thumb Impression viz. Right Thumb Impression (RTI) or Left Thumb Impression (LTI) as the case may be.
11. Certified copies of the “Conciliated Settlement Agreement” may be collected after a week of the execution of the same. 
12. Copies of “Conciliated Settlement Agreement” shall be supplied to the parties and/or their counsel free of cost only once. 
13. Subsequent copies, if required shall be supplied on payment of Rs. 5/- (Rupees Five Only) per page and Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty Only) as Processing fee. The same shall be made available after three working days of the application.
14. In case of requirement of an expert / psychologist / counsellor, the same shall be appointed only with the written consent of the parties.  The parties shall be liable to deposit Rs.3,000/-(Rupees Three Thousand Only) per visit for such expert / psychologist / counsellor  jointly / severally.